Case Studies

At OMAM, our HR consultation process is crafted with your organization in mind. We understand that every entity is unique, and our approach is designed to precisely meet the distinctive needs of your organization.

Manpower Optimisation

In a world where the electrical industry is constantly seeking innovation and efficiency, our client – a prominent player manufacturing & selling Cables, Wires & FMEG products – approached us with a challenge. They were grappling with rapid growth, leading to a sprawl of units and processes, and an urgent need for manpower optimization to maintain their competitive edge.
Business MeetingDelving into the heart of their operations, we unearthed a pressing issue: a duplication of processes and underutilisation of both manpower and plant facilities. This was not just about numbers; it was about unlocking potential and streamlining for success. Our solution was comprehensive. We initiated a phase-wise study, scrutinising each business process from the plant to sales, identifying redundancies and areas for integration. The outcome? A tailored organogram with optimised job roles, clear KPIs, and a plan for sustainable growth.
Implementing our strategies led to a 22% manpower reduction, yet productivity and team spirit soared higher than ever. It was a transformation that reshaped not only their workforce structure but also their corporate ethos, proving that when growth challenges knock, embracing change with the right partner turns hurdles into milestones.

And that’s the essence of our work at OMAM – not just solving problems but rewriting narratives of success.

Performance Linked Pay Plan

In this growing economy where every sector has been working towards efficient and innovative solutions to their manpower problems. We were approached by the leading Agri manufacturer to help them resolve their performance linked pay plan. This was being done to ascertain their competitiveness and draft a policy to ensure their position in the market was maintained and employees morale was charged.

We considered the following key factors

  • Choice of parameters
  • Weights
  • Transparency in how reward is linked to the outcome.
  • Ease of administration
  • Making the system more effective
Industry GrowthThe pay plan had to be designed keeping in mind all the confirmed employees of the company across all levels. Our process included Exploring benchmark companies and their pay plans, utilizing our research, analysis, industry depth, and also looking at changes in market practices. We looked at a combination of competitors, suppliers, vendors based in the same region and nationally to come up with our proposed pay plan.

Our work included

  • Defining Key parameters along with payouts
  • Guidelines for transparency were also defined so payout could be easily calculated.
The challenges we faced was the buy in of the management and functional heads. However the phase wise implementation helped in approval from the management.

The impact of this newly implemented pay plan helped in defining transparency of performance metrics, payouts and appraisals across the organization. This way the company was not only able to achieve key objectives of the business but also transparency in the way of stringent performance parameters and boost employee morale.

Project Recruitment

Our Client, a multinational company, a global leader in the renewable space, was looking to expand their operations by setting up a 2nd Factory and an Engineering Centre in South India. We embarked on a strategic talent acquisition project to source the workforce and meet the evolving demands of the business. The project aimed to recruit skilled professionals across functions, ensuring alignment with the company’s growth objectives and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The primary goal of the project was to attract, hire, and onboard employees for the Factory and for the Engineering Centre.

Need Assessment

  • Conducted an in-depth analysis of workforce requirements in each function.
  • Collaborated with department heads and HR teams to identify specific skill sets needed.

  • A list of the people involved in the hiring process was prepared with the responsibilities.
  • The scheduled chain of activities with responsibilities was determined and assigned.
  • An excel sheet was used to track the progress of each function. This document provided key information for the status and served as the master document for the process.

Defined recruitment strategies for key functions.

Screening Process
Implemented a rigorous screening process to ensure the selection of high-caliber professionals.

Offer Negotiation and Onboarding

  • Collaborated with HR and legal teams to create competitive and compliant offer packages.
  • Implemented a streamlined onboarding process to facilitate a smooth transition for new hires.

  • Leadership Team
  • Production / Manager / Sr. Engineers
  • Quality – Head / Sr. Engineers / Engineers
  • Maintenance – Head / Sr. Engineers
  • EHS – Manager / Sr. Engineers
  • Operation Excellence Manager
  • Production Engineering – Manager
  • Stores Manager / Sr. Exec / Exec
  • Sourcing / Purchase – Manager / Sr. Engineers
  • HR / IR Executives / Payroll Executives
Technology Center

  • Leadership Team
  • Manager & Executives
  • FEA / CFD / Reliability
  • Aero Group
  • Material Planning
  • R & D Lab
  • Citrix / Web / MacAfee/ SCCM
  • CAPA, Certification / Process Engr
  • Hypermesh, Abaqus, Ansys,etc)/SAP, GUI Development, SQL
  • Webmaster
  • Market Analyst/ Technical Writer / Content Writer
  • Language Specialists – German / Spanish

This project is a testament to effective collaboration, strategic planning, and commitment to excellence.

Project Recruitment - Global Manufacturing Organisation


Our client  a well-established MNC  was entering into a joint venture with another renowned MNC globally as part of a strategic collaboration.

The entity came into being in 2020 and the client was looking for comprehensive support within talent acquisition.  The aim being to support them in their efforts to strengthening of the new entity within the Global Shared Services set up.


Working with stakeholders across the world, setting up a new entity in India during covid, and managing the process virtually with a stipulated timeline.

Process Alignment: 

Identification of SPOCs: Identify all the stakeholders involved in the recruitment process, including our internal team, client HR team, and hiring managers.

Establishing Milestones:  Created a recruitment calendar that outlined the recruitment timeline, including the sourcing, screening, interviewing, and hiring process. This helped us communicate clearly with candidates.

Discussion with Business: Online Meetings were held with the Business. Each Job Description was discussed with the Hiring Manager.  Hiring Managers were sitting across different Geography  and expectations were different across positions.

Track and assess candidates: Developed a system to track and assess candidates throughout the recruitment process. Detailed Questionnaires, different types of interviews were prepared to evaluate each position, this helped us identify the best candidates for each position both with respect to technical and cultural fitments.

Interview Participation: Part of the Interview Panel along with the client.

Senior Professionals and Complete teams were hired across functions i.e.

  • Finance,
  • HR,
  • Sales,
  • Sourcing,
  • Supply Chain,
  • Process Improvements,
  • Technology


  • Achieved a diverse and inclusive workforce, with focus on gender diversity.
  • Enhanced candidate experience, resulting in positive feedback.
  • Offer to Join ratio was 87%
  • The assignment was during Covid, and all processes including onboarding was done virtually.