HR Advisory Services

In this engagement, OMAM takes a hands-on approach in implementing HR processes and systems. Our primary focus is to propel companies onto a growth trajectory by eliminating operational deficiencies.

With our expert handholding support and solution designing and implementation expertise, we ensure that organizations are well-equipped to overcome challenges and thrive in their journey towards success. Our HR Advisory services includes :

  • Retained Strategic Services – We provide regular advice, opinion, guidance for the progress and betterment of the organisation. 
  • Contingency Strategic Services – As MSMEs seek strategic solutions to cut costs and adopt new technologies and best practices, the retained organization plays a pivotal role in transitioning from an in-sourced to a managed services sourcing model. At OMAM, we provide regular advice, opinions, and guidance to facilitate progress and enhance the overall betterment of the organization, supporting MSMEs in their journey towards strategic and efficient operations.
  • Hand Holding / Engagement – We assist in implementing the HR processes and systems in the organisation.