India Entry Strategy by Arista

Arista Consulting Services is a subsidiary of OMAM Consultants. Arista specializes in advising and assisting Multinational entering the Indian market. Our tailored services encompass a deep understanding of the cultural context, enabling us to support clients in establishing their organizations and implementing effective people practices. This is very critical at the set up stage as the people practices set at initiation are the foundation of the organization’s future success in the country. This practice is headed by Mrs. Panda, Director at Arista and OMAM. Mrs. Panda and her team have guided numerous MNCs that have come and setup businesses in India including formulating the setup people strategy, translating cultural nuances, setting up the HR processes, Organization Structure, Hiring and Onboarding complete teams. This end to end support gives seamless transition to MNCs entering a new market. 

India’s distinctiveness underscores the significance of tailored HR entry Strategy. The country features a unique education system, where the duration of college or bachelor’s degrees varies by subject, and examination systems differ. Notably, India boasts distinctive professional qualifications like Chartered Accounts. Additionally, organizational structures in most Indian companies involve multiple hierarchy levels with corresponding title changes. The regulatory landscape further adds complexity, with company laws, labor laws, and factory regulations varying across states. Navigating this intricate scenario demands a scientific approach that harmonizes international Organizational principles with the specific nuances of the Indian context.

Business Organisation

Organizational Structure

Designing an organizational structure that aligns with business goals and cultural nuances.


HR Processes and Policies

Developing customized HR processes and policies that reflect local regulations and best practices.


Compensation Advisory & Structures

Providing expert advice on compensation structures for both Blue collar and White collar employees.

Design Benefit

Design Benefit Policy

Creating benefit policies that address the needs of employees and align with industry standards.

Employee handbook

Design Employee Handbook and Policies

crafting comprehensive employee handbooks and policies to guide employees and foster a positive workplace culture.

Recruitment Letter

Draft Offer/ Appointment letter and Induction Processes

Developing an offer and appointment letter along with designing effective induction processes to seamlessly integrate new hires.

Talent Search

Search and Selection

conducting thorough search and selection processes to identify and recruit talent at various Organizational levels

Business Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

Offerging payroll outsourcing services to streamline financial processes and ensure compliance

Our holistic approach ensures that our clients navigate the complexities of entering the Indian market with confidence, establishing a strong foundation for organizational success.


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