Project Recruitment

We provide turnkey project recruitments for clients setting up a new vertical, expanding or putting up a greenfield or brownfield project.

Project recruitments allow us to provide complete end to end support to our clients, and putting together complete teams in place, keeping in mind tight timelines, confidentiality, process management, managing volume, key skill sets.

OMAM provides expert teams that design the hiring process for clients and help implement the same. We have hired complete teams in metros and remote locations, managed complete processes from creating organizational structures and JDs, designing the recruitment process, putting together panels, assessments and key strength areas. We have also supported clients with running drives across cities, offerings and onboarding the complete team.

Talent Aquisition

Hired the first 300 people for a leading European bank setting up a IT & Ops center in India.

The OMAM team Designed and ran the complete hiring process, drafted the JDs in the Indian context, Sourced the candidates, ran the interviews with panels across the globe, conducted detailed assessments,supported in documentation and offer process and helped onboard the candidates.

Set up 200 people R&D center for a leading Manufacturing Company

The OMAM team managed the campaigns, created awareness for the roles, ran drives across the country, sourced the right candidates and helped offer, close and onboard the candidates.

Joining Support

Set up the Business & Sales vertical for a new AMC being launched

Mapped the market, and picked the best candidates for the roles, hiring over 40 people to set up the complete vertical before the launch of the AMC.
Customised Solutions

Strategic HR Support for an European company into the Indian Market for a Hydraulic Manufacturing Company setting up in Chennai.

Objective: The Client sought to establish its presence in the Indian market. The company engaged our services to provide comprehensive support to navigate the unique challenges with respect to People and HR compliances to ensure a smooth transition during Covid.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment
Developed a strategy to attract local talent leveraging Arista’s network and knowledge of the Indian job market.
Conducted targeted talent searches to fill up all roles in the company.

HR Support:
Preparation of Employee Handbook Solutions to streamline processes, including compensation structures, Employee Insurances, payroll management and benefits administration.

Developed a comprehensive onboarding program which included collection of all documents and preparation of employee personal files.


Strategic HR Support for an European company into the Indian Market for European manufacturing Company which was setting up operations in Bangalore.

Objective: A renowned European entity wanted to enter India by acquiring an esteemed European company already present in India. We were tasked with providing support to manage the integration of culture of the existing organisation and finding employees across levels for this global organisation.

Staffing & payroll management
All employees were taken on Arista’s payroll till the legal entity came into being.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment
Sourcing of 125+ people for both their India operations and the shared services and ran the interviews with panels across the globe.

HR Support
Transfer of employees from our rolls to the Client’s rolls without impacting seniority. Review of all Employee Policies to ensure compliance with the local laws and alignment with the client organization’s values. Solutions to streamline recruitment including compensation structures. Onboarding of employees and maintenance of employee personal files.