Strategic HR Interventions

At OMAM Strategic HR interventions comprises of the following:

  • Manpower Optimisation/ Rationalisation – OMAM’s systematic approach to organizational studies involves a comprehensive examination of job roles, processes, and workloads, all aimed at elevating the organization to a high-performance level. Our approach includes validating organizational numbers through the mapping of existing structures and processes. Further reinforcement is achieved through rigorous workload assessments. This study can be tailored to address the organization as a whole or focus on specific functions, ensuring a thorough understanding and enhancement of overall performance.
  • Organisational Restructuring / Banding – As part of our offering, OMAM assists organizations in revalidating their Levels/ Grades and Career Progression Systems. Traditionally, designations have been instrumental in defining an employee’s role and position within the organizational hierarchy, serving as a reflection of their stature. In the Indian context, designations hold significant importance, often perceived as ‘Psychic Income’ by employees due to societal norms. OMAM’s expertise in revalidating these structures ensures alignment with evolving organizational needs, fostering a clear and meaningful Career Progression System for employees.
  • Competency Assessment – At OMAM, we conduct a thorough study that involves the observable assessment of employee knowledge, skills, and behavior, all linked to specific competency levels. This process proves invaluable in creating a detailed skills inventory, identifying gaps in skills, developing targeted training modules, and designing effective career paths for employees. The analysis we provide not only highlights existing strengths but also pinpoints areas for improvement, helping organizations address skill gaps and enhance overall employee capabilities.
  • Talent Management – Talent management, as defined by OMAM, is a meticulously organized and strategic process aimed at acquiring the right talent, nurturing their growth to optimal capabilities, and aligning their development with organizational objectives. This comprehensive approach involves identifying talent gaps and vacant positions, sourcing and onboarding suitable candidates, fostering their growth within the organization, and developing necessary skills through future-focused training. OMAM plays a crucial role in guiding organizations through this systematic process, assisting in the identification, assessment, and development of employees to prepare them for higher responsibilities within the organization.