HR Consulting

We follow a robust methodology that delivers value to the client and drives positive change within the organizations; Our understanding of the client’s requirements and providing recommendations typically involves a phased approach to ensure thoroughness and relevance. OMAM three phased approach is outlined below:

Problem Identification & Analysis

  • Identify and define objectives
  • Understand the background
  • Discuss with the management to understand long term objectives
  • Meet Select employees and gather their feedback / Opinion

Problem Simplification & finding the best Solutions

  • Design a questionnaire
  • Collect Data
  • Collate and Analyse the Data
  • Study Data and revalidate
  • Workout conceptual Framework Solutions

Execution Facilitation & Customer Satisfaction

  • Present possible options
  • Finalise recommendations
  • Suggest HR Road Map on our recommendations for execution of findings
  • Report submission Facilitate in Execution

Let us look at the HR Consulting Services at OMAM:

HR Diagnostics Studies

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HR Policy and Manuals

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Strategic HR Interventions

At OMAM Strategic HR interventions comprises of the following…

HR Advisory Services

In this engagement, OMAM takes a hands-on approach in implementing HR processes and systems. Our primary focus…

Compensation Services

At OMAM, we specialize in delivering personalized and actionable compensation solutions, meticulously validated…

Performance Management

At OMAM, we excel in crafting performance management systems that propel both individual employees and the..

Value Add to Your Organisation

Why choose OMAM’s HRCC for your organisations HR needs…