HR Diagnostics Studies

At OMAM, our HR diagnostic studies serve as a powerful tool for organizations seeking to understand the collective and specific perceptions of employees across various parameters within the HR function. These studies meticulously uncover HR strengths and areas for improvement, shaping the organization’s HR roadmap through a data-driven approach.

Beyond delivering analysis and interpretation, we take a hands-on approach, providing a roadmap for enhancements and offering guidance throughout the implementation process. Our comprehensive studies include:

  • Employee Engagement Surveys – This survey helps the organisation understand the level of commitment and involvement of the employee towards the organisation. This will give the management a clear picture of the employee engagement as well as telling the employees that their voices are being heard.
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys – This survey helps understand the employee satisfaction levels along with pointing out the issues they are facing while working.
  • Employee Attitude Surveys – This survey is mainly done to help the organisation understand the employee’s attitudes towards the work.
  • Employee Attrition Surveys – This  survey helps the management identify the areas of improvement in Culture of Organisation, Systems employed in the organisation, Policies set in the company along with various other areas.
  • HR Audit- An HR audit, as conducted by OMAM, serves as a third-party review of an organization’s policies, systems, and procedures. This comprehensive process involves the diagnosis, analysis, evaluation, and assessment of the HR Systems & Processes to identify areas for improvement. While validating existing processes, an HR audit also brings to light any areas of non-compliance. We believe, anticipating and addressing potential issues before they arise, ensures a robust and compliant foundation for effective human resource management.