Increment Report - 2024

OMAM Consultants is proud to unveil the “Increment Pattern – Way Forward for Addition 2024”, a seminal report spotlighting the salary increment and attrition trends across over 100+ esteemed Indian Business Houses and Multinational Corporations in 15 diverse industries.

Increment Trend - 2021

In 2020, we have seen an unparalleled damage across major world economies due to the earlier economic slowdown
and then Covid-19 pandemic.

Compensation & Benefits - COVID-19 Impact

India has encountered several crises, be it recession, epidemics and pandemics in past, but the human spirit has endured and survived. The COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented on many counts pertaining to public health, national security, and the global economy.

Report on Role of HR during Covid-19

The world has drastically changed in the last few months. With the onset of the pandemic Covid-19 that originated in China in December 2019, it has spread from the Asian region to Europe and the US, it has endangered the expectations of a global recovery in 2020.

Increment Trend - 2019

According to various international agencies, India will continue to remain world’s fastest-growing economy in 2019 as well as in 2020. The Indian industry has emerged & bounced back stronger and companies across all industries have seen good result in recent past.

Employee Benefit Trend - 2016

Competitive compensation and employee benefits are the key factors that attract and retain talent. According to the recent surveys compensation & employee benefits is the top priority for the employees followed by job security and job content.

Variable Pay Trend - 2015

Variable pay, also known as performance pay, is used to recognize & reward employee’s contribution – which is above
and beyond their normal job requirements and is linked with pre-defined performance parameters like – sales, quality,
productivity, profitability etc.