Search Add-Ons

Our Search & Recruitment add-ons are a bouquet of services we are offering to our clients. We offer the Flexibility of picking and choosing from any of the following services that we offer:

Business Outsourcing

Talent Mapping

A strategic initiative at OMAM, involving the systematic identification and evaluation of talent available within a specific industry or organization. Our approach goes beyond traditional talent acquisition, providing a comprehensive understanding of the talent landscape. This strategic insight allows organizations to make informed decisions, plan for succession, and proactively address evolving talent needs.

Talent Search

Compensation Survey

OMAM conducts a comprehensive analysis of Salary and benefits data with the specific industry or sector. Our Surveys provide organizations with valuable insights into industry standards , allowing the client to benchmark their compensation practices. This strategic tool assists in ensuring that our client maintains competitive and attractive compensation packages that attain, retain and motivate top talent.

Cndidate Development

Candidate Development

is a Strategic initiative aimed at nurturing and enhancing the skills and potential of the individuals who exhibit promise as candidates for current and future roles. Our approach involves a tailored development process that ensures candidates are well prepared and equipped to contribute meaningfully to the organization. By investing in Candidate development we aim to build a pipeline of qualified and high-potential individuals to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Candidate Assessment

Candidate Assessment

A meticulous process to evaluate the qualifications, skills and overall suitability of individuals for specific roles within the organization. Through a comprehensive and tailored assessment approach, we ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of a candidate’s capabilities, enabling them to make informed decisions. This could be behavior, technical, psychometric, aptitude and various other parameters. We work with experts in each of these areas to ensure selection of candidates who align seamlessly with organizational goals and culture.

Reference Check

Reference Check

are a crucial step in our comprehensive evaluation process. We meticulously contact and verify information with a candidate’s previous employers, colleagues, and professional references to gain valuable insights into their work history, performance and character. Our commitment to thorough Reference Checks ensures that our clients receive a complete and accurate picture of a candidates’ background, enabling them to make well-informed hiring decisions.


Compensation Negotiations

We engage in thoughtful and collaborative discussions between employers and candidates to reach agreements on salary, benefits and other compensation components. Our goal is to facilitate fair and mutually beneficial negotiations that align with both the candidates expectations and the organization’s compensation philosophy, ensuring a positive and transparent process for all parties involved.


Outplacement Services

Navigating workplace transitions can be daunting for both employees and employers. We specialize in providing Outplacement Services that are centered on compassion, expertise and a steadfast commitment to empowering individuals through career transitions. Our approach ensures a positive and constructive path forward for everyone involved.