Performance Management

At OMAM, we excel in crafting performance management systems that propel both individual employees and the organization toward desired performance and results. Our approach involves designing tools that enable managers to monitor and evaluate employee performance.

The overarching aim of our performance management systems is to cultivate an ecosystem where each employee can contribute to the best of their abilities, harmonizing with the organization’s overall objectives.

  • Performance Management System – We help in designing a system of managing employee’s performance. This enables the individual & the organization towards desired performances and results.
  • Performance Appraisal System – We help in designing a system for evaluating the performance and contribution made by the employees in achieving the objectives of the organisation.
  • Job Description & KRAs – At OMAM, we recognize the pivotal role that job descriptions play in effective people management within organizations. Job descriptions serve as a multifaceted tool, guiding recruitment processes, defining organizational structures, establishing salary bands, creating job titles, setting employee goals and objectives, and facilitating performance reviews. A well-crafted job description not only outlines an individual employees duties and responsibilities but also specifies reporting relationships. At OMAM, we assist organizations in meticulously detailing job descriptions for both current and futuristic roles, thereby defining Key Result Areas (KRAs) for optimal workforce management.
  • Variable Pay Plan – Variable Pay stands as an innovative compensation system at OMAM, aligning salary with both business and individual performance goals. Our approach involves crafting custom, transparent, and implementable Variable Pay solutions that undergo rigorous validation and adhere to industry benchmarks.

The key to the success of these plans lies in simplicity, ensuring easy comprehension for individual employees. We believe that employees should effortlessly correlate their performance with that of the company, enabling them to calculate the envisioned payout tied to their achievements.