Compensation Services

At OMAM, we specialize in delivering personalized and actionable compensation solutions, meticulously validated and in accordance with industry benchmarks. Our methodologies, rigorously tested in the Indian business landscape, enable us to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our strength lies in our ability to analyze and manage data, offering realistic and implementable compensation solutions.

Utilizing compensation benchmarking, we help organizations determine optimal market salaries for various roles, ensuring competitive positioning among benchmark companies in both value and structure.

Forward-thinking organizations aim for competitive compensation packages, and we support this aspiration by aligning with market rates and industry best practices.

  • Compensation Benchmarking – We help in conduct specific surveys for the various positions or functions across different levels including management, supervisory and non-management employees. This is done to validate the pay band and rationales for salary increments.
  • Diagnostic & Advisory Services – We advise clients identifying and implementing innovative compensation solutions in view of changing market practices on the basis of our exhaustive data warehouse.
  • Compensation Aspiration Study – This process assesses and evaluates the right balance between current, aspirated & market compensation of CXO level employee through a structured process and suggest a road map for the way forward.
  • Compensation Structuring / Restructuring – We advise the clients on salary components & benefits restructuring in the organisation. All this is done on the basis of best practices and IT Rules for easy administration & Improved take home salary for employees.