Policy Manual

A policy manual serves as the constitutional framework for any organization, offering detailed guidelines to employees and employers to conduct business with integrity and eliminate bias. At OMAM, our HR policies function as a vital framework, enabling leaders and managers to make consistent decisions and ensure equitable treatment of individuals. Covering various aspects such as hiring, work processes, compensation, leave, training, promotion, work environments, and termination, our HR policies are derived from best practices benchmarking and regulations.

While the specifics of entitlements and benefits may vary among organizations, our policies are designed to be transparent and consistentlyapplied to all employees. Key elements of OMAM’s HR policy manual include benchmarks of best practices, detailed regulations, process flow diagrams, and FAQs. We synthesize this comprehensive manual into an induction manual, providing new entrants with insights into the organization’s policies, culture, and philosophy.

This handbook not only informs but also creates a positive and comfortable atmosphere during the employee’s induction period. Additionally, our studies on good/best practices benchmarking and analysis are conducted in sync with the HR policy manual or as standalone initiatives to ensure ongoing relevance and effectiveness.